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Dr. Rima Habre grew up in Beirut, Lebanon. She attended the American University of Beirut (AUB) and completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health in 2006.  She then joined the Harvard Cyprus Program and completed her Master of Science degree in Environmental Health (2007). 

As a result, Dr. Habre joined the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, MA, and graduated with a Doctor of Science degree in Environmental Health in 2012. She trained with Dr. Petros Koutrakis. In addition, she concentrated in environmental Exposure Assessment with a special focus on modeling exposure to air pollution mixtures and sources and understanding their effects on health. 

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Rima Habre, MSc, ScD

Dr. Habre is currently an Assistant Professor in the Division of Environmental Health at the USC Keck School of Medicine

She directs the Exposure Assessment Cores in the LA DREAMERs ECHO Center and the MADRES Environmental Health Disparities Center at USC. She also co-leads the Real-Time Air Pollution and Asthma Study project of the UCLA/USC PRISMS Center

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Dr. Habre’s research on air pollution exposure and its health effects in major research centers is briefly described below. Please refer to Publications for more information and findings.

Los Angeles PRISMS Center

Dr. Habre leads a pediatric asthma panel study using wearable sensors and an mHealth informatics platform in the UCLA/USC Los Angeles PRISMS Center (PI Alex Bui, PhD). The goal of this research is to assess the effects of air pollution exposure on asthma exacerbation and build personalized models to predict triggers of asthma attacks in children. 


Overview of the Los Angeles PRISMS Center (2 mins)

NIEHS Exposure Science and the Exposome Webinar Series, Dr. Alex Bui and Dr. Rima Habre (1hr, 3 mins)

MADRES Environmental Health Disparities Center

Dr. Habre leads the Exposure Assessment Core in the the MADRES Center (MPI Breton and Bastain). This research center is examining whether exposure to environmental, psychosocial and built environment stressors leads to excessive gestational weight gain and postpartum weight retention in women and to perturbed infant growth trajectories and increased childhood obesity risk. Dr. Habre uses a variety of personal monitoring and geospatial modeling approaches to model air pollution exposure and understand its health effects in MADRES pregnant women and fetuses.


Dr. Habre’s research in this Center involves developing machine-learning based spatiotemporal air pollution models to retrospectively assess exposures of thousands of our participants and assess measurement error in these exposures.

The overall goal of the USC LA DREAMERs Center (MPI Gilliland and Breton) is to take a transgenerational life course approach to studying the contribution of the environment to the developmental origins of childhood and emerging adult respiratory and metabolic health. Our Center is part of the seven-year NIH initiative, “Environmental Influences on Child Health Outcomes (ECHO).”

Aviation-Related Ultrafine Particles and Health

Dr. Habre lead one of the first human health studies investigating the acute effects of exposure to aviation-related ultrafine particles (UFPs) air pollution on systemic inflammation and respiratory health in adults with asthma published in Environment International (2018)



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Students and Postdocs

Prospective Students and Postdocs

Students interested in pursuing doctoral training with Dr. Habre should consider applying to the PhD program in Epidemiology (Environmental Epidemiology track) listed here in the USC Department of Preventive Medicine.

Prospective postdocs with analytical skills in environmental exposure assessment, aerosol science and instrumentation, air quality modeling, statistical modeling, geospatial analysis, and/or epidemiological methods should contact Dr. Habre to inquire about any current or upcoming openings in her research group.

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